Korean Hand Therapy (KHT)


What is KHT?

Korean Hand Therapy also known as KHT, Soojichim, or Seogeum Therapy is a unique and versatile system of micro reflex acupuncture. Founded and developed by the Korean Acupuncturist  Dr. Tae-Woo Yoo between 1971 and 1975, it is now practiced across 50 countries worldwide and continues to grow in popularity, with teaching centres currently in 17 of these countries.  
The entire system of TCM body points is charted and precisely reflected on the hand enabling all systems of traditional acupuncture to be applied. The hand, considered the ‘outer or second brain’ has 15,000 sympathetic nerve fibres, equal to in the rest of the body, allowing for effective modulation of the sympathetic nervous system and a rapid return to health.


How is KHT Applied?

KHT diagnostic techniques and treatments may include the use of:

  • Tiny needles
  • Moxibustion (gentle heat therapy)
  • Magnets
  • Metal press-pellets
  • Silver and Gold ring therapy


Benefits of KHT

  • Potent rapid results
  • Pain reduction in seconds
  • Easily integrated with traditional body acupuncture 
  • Safe to use as there are no vital structures or organs in the region of the treatment points that may be damaged inadvertently
  • Offers a range of non-invasive therapies useful for children and those with mobility problems such as the elderly and disabled.
  • Patients may remain seated and fully clothed
  • Corresponding points may be used on he hands to avoid traditional points in sensitive or less accessible areas