Supplementary Therapies


Qigong Exercise and Meditation

The aim of Qigong exercise is to train the body and mind to prevent disease and invigorate and strengthen the constitution in order to resist premature ageing and prolong life.  Exercises involve holding and moving various body parts in a particular way so that the internal organs will be placed in the correct positions for performing  and improving their functions, relieving tension and avoiding unnecessary loss of energy.  Through special breathing techniques and regulation of mind and consciousness through meditation, physiological functions are regulated and the nervous system is soothed achieving a sense of peace and well being. 


Studies have shown that qigong:

  • Stabilises blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Helps to prevent stroke and stroke
  • Supports and improves the wellbeing of patients undergoing cancer therapy
  • Prevents memory loss and improves symptoms of dementia 
  • Prevents headaches, vertigo and insomnia
  • Balance the nervous system and relive stress related disorders
  • Promote Relaxation and calm


Qigong Channel Massage

Qigong channel massage works systematically following the meridians throughout the body. Light  pressure is applied along the entire length of each meridian. Working through the network of channels clears energy blocks allowing the body to rebalance and heal. It is a deeply relaxing, non invasive treatment, especially suited to young children, the elderly and children with autism and other learning disabilities.



Like qigong massage, acupressure is the application of pressure on the meridian system but rather more similar to acupuncture, in that pressure is applied to specific acupuncture points rather than the entire network of channels. Acupressure is often used in auricular therapy. There are around 200 acupuncture points on the ear that may be used alone or to enhance and prolong the effectiveness of a treatment after the patient leaves the clinic. Tiny seeds are placed on the back of adhesive plasters are left in place on the acupuncture points of the ear for up to a week. and pressed at regularly intervals each day for continuous healing. In addition to ear-seeds, hematite pellets are now commonly being used, as their natural magnetic energy exerts additional therapeutic effects.

Auricular therapy is especially useful in the treatment of:                                                                                     

  • Addiction:  alcohol, drugs, food. smoking
  • Weight loss                                                                                                                                                                                                            
  • Menopause: hot flushes, night sweats           
  • Pain disorders                                                                                                                                                                             


Dietary Therapy

A healthy diet and lifestyle underpin all other therapies and are the foundation of well being.  Many  people today tend to eat more than they need to which can ultimately harm health.  The Chinese pay a great deal of attention to the nutritious value of food and the art of food preparation. Chinese dietary therapy describes the medicinal and energetic properties of food in exactly the same way as those describing herbs.  It is thus possible to experience considerable improvements in health by adjusting diet alone.  The absorption of the finest quality nutrients from food is essential if optimum health is to be achieved and preserved. 


Neuromuscular Taping

Neuromuscular taping is a biomechanical therapy originally developed in Japan for physiotherapists, it uses compressive and decompressive applications to achieve positive effects in the musculoskeletal, vascular, lymphatic, and neurological systems.  


How Does Neuromuscular Taping Work?

The tape, which is hypoallergenic,  adheres to the skin, moving with it.  As the tape corrugates,  the wrinkles formed lift the skin promoting microcirculation.  it is ideally applied to patients at the end of a session and left in place for several days providing continuous stimulation. The positive effects are experienced immediately and are suitable for a wide range of neuromuscular  and internal organ conditions. 


Benefits of Neuromuscular Taping

  • Promotes Venus and lymphatic drainage 
  • Improves Blood circulation
  • Removes Stagnation in the joints and tissues, improving mobility
  • Relieves Pain


TDP Magnetic Heat Lamp Therapy Neuromuscular Taping

The TDP Lamp is an electromagnetic therapy emitting far infrared (FIR) light waves.  FIR rays are an invisible spectrum of sunlight present between visible light and microwaves which can be felt as heat.  FIR thermal therapy stimulates cellular metabolism which increases the body’s regenerative ability and helps the proper function of the nervous system. 
The body has its own mechanism for producing FIR which stimulates natural healing and cellular repair, however the levels produced constantly fluctuate; when FIR intensity is high we feel healthy, able to overcome ailments, when FIR energy levels decline, we suffer from bouts of illness and age more quickly.  With today’s high levels of stress and toxicity the body’s natural ability to heal is often compromised, and responds well to FIR therapy.  The FIR rays will be selectively absorbed by those tissues needing a boost. Thermal energy will rise, tissues will become more active and metabolic rate will increase, rather like re-charging the body’s battery. 


Benefits of FIR


  • Detoxifies the body of heavy metals,  pesticides and other chemical toxins
  • Stimulates the body’s own regenerative powers 
  • Rejuvenates the cells, tissues and organs
  • Stimulates cellular metabolism,
  • Restores proper function of the nervous system                                                                                                                                      
  • Restores and fortifies the body’s Immune defences
  • Promotes circulation of Qi and Blood                                                                               
  • Reduces inflammation and pain